With the arrival of a new year,  a new blog for teachers, support staff and education enthusiasts arrives. Loveforliteracyblog has taken inspiration from many of those who I follow on twitter and, as a Literacy Consultant,  I feel that I often have more to say than the 140 characters that a tweet allows. (Follow me on twitter @Jo_C_Gray)

This blog will (hopefully) inspire you with new ideas. As someone who has only just left the classroom I know how hard it is to have the time to constantly think of new ways to engage reluctant readers, time to make new resources to encourage stubborn writers and time to find new lesson ideas (without you giving up your whole entire life to planning copious amounts of lessons).

It’s not that you don`t have the skills or knowledge to come up with creative, inspirational ideas for your Literacy lessons. The reality is that with a new curriculum, with 2016 assessment information still being written by the DfE and with Ofsted looming, it is extremely difficult to find time for school paperwork, school politics and the needs of 31 individual pupils to meet (wait….the door to your room has just opened – make that 32 pupils – the head has just brought a new child into your classroom and introduced them. They smile sympethetically as they inform you that the new child is starting in approximately 30 seconds, once the site manager finds a spare chair).

My first quick tip for Literacy this year is using fun activities such as ‘spot the panda’ to teach skimming and scanning, a skill that is required in primary schools due to the amount of reading within the new reading tests.


I hope this blog will provide you with motivation, encouragement and a love for literacy – even if it is just because it helps to savor some of your very limited free time (which everybody needs).

I look forward to chatting with you and please feel free to share your own ideas on here or on my twitter account (@jo_c_gray).

Here’s to a fantastic 2016 for all.


P.S. Some great blogs that have inspired me are  http://mrparkinsonict.blogspot.co.uk/  https://michaelt1979.wordpress.com/  https://www.literacyshed.com/class-blogs-shed.html




4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi! Your welcome comments definitely resonate! I look forward to reading your blog. Do you have any thoughts on teaching whole class reading v guided reading? Best wishes and a Happy New Year. Tony


    • Thank you for your comments. I will compose a blog on Guided Reading and include my views on whole Class Guided Reading for you tomorrow. Happy New Year to you too Tony, hope the get up on Monday isn’t too hard (for us both!)


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